The inspiration for In Good Conscience happened amid the pandemic lockdown and social unrest of 2020.  During this time of isolation and self-reflection, we were all forced to find solace in the bare essentials of everyday life, while awakening to the harsh realities that some communities were not only being hit harder by Covid-19, but that they were still struggling to overcome historical socio-economic barriers that continue to plague their communities today.  Seeing the streets of Harlem, New York and many other cities, filled with a diverse body of protestors coming from all communities that cared deeply about each other, the question to myself was,

Where would this good intention go once the marching stopped?

What was needed as a sustainable vehicle of change, to encourage good habits and intentions of caring for self and for others on a daily basis, especially those underserved communities of color who have had such a rich cultural impact on our country.  This became the inspiration for In Good Conscience.

We encourage you to live your life in good conscience in whatever way is important to you. Because we know that your intention will resonate with the world around you. —To the betterment of all.

Jerome Clark
in good conscience

community care

In Good Conscience was created to make daily hygiene and personal care a broader gesture of community care, through our essential line of naturally-clean & sensorial body care products.  Through the sale of our products, we aim to create sustainable, socio-economic impact for these underserved communities, while elevating the cultural conversations that make these communities so unique and special. 

We aim to create sustainable, socio-economic impact for underserved communities.