universally essential

Our mission is to create universal personal care products that can be enjoyed by all skin types and tones. Through our product ethos, we believe in:

  • 1. Naturally-clean formulas Naturally-clean formulas
    that include a high percentage of natural ingredients, without sacrifice to product performance, safety and the sensorial experience
  • 2. Ingredient transparency Ingredient transparency
    because we feel you should know the essential benefit of the ingredients that were carefully selected for each formula
  • 3. Sustainable practices Sustainable practices
    from sourcing ingredients like Babassu Oil from the Dominican Republic to our use of recyclable packaging made in the US. We also avoid testing our products on animals. As we grow, we are committed to improving our sustainable practices and reducing our environmental footprint as we scale.

cultural sustainability

Through our business model of Cultural Sustainability, we prioritize partnerships with black & minority-owned businesses who can contribute to bringing our products to market. We also contribute a portion of product sales to non-profits organizations working to advance socio-economic initiatives for underserved communities of color. Our current products are produced through the value chain partnerships noted below and we are contributing up to 5% of product proceeds to non-profit organizations.

Our Purpose Our Purpose
scented with 100% naturaL derived fragrancescented with 100% naturaL derived fragrance scented with 100% naturaL derived fragranceblack owned scented with 100% naturaL derived fragrancesulfates, parabens, phthalates,dyes, and synthetic fragrance scented with 100% naturaL derived fragranceCruelty Free scented with 100% naturaL derived fragrancemade in america